An Interview with Sasha Unisex

Sasha Unisex is a brilliant artist from Moscow, Russia. She’s very well known around the world for her unique watercolor style. We had the opportunity to ask her a few questions:

Tattoo You – How did you become a tattoo artist?

Sasha Unisex – A thought to become a tattoo artist appeared after I graduated from Art College, I wanted to try myself in something new and I got involved in making pictures on people’s bodies. I actively started to concern myself with this theme, get acquainted with tattoo artists, attend different thematic events. Then I bought the necessary equipment and step by step started to learn, beginning with the simplest pictures. There were lots of volunteers for my experiments.

TY – What was your first tattoo, and who was the tattoo artist?

SU – My first tattoo was made on the oxter (armpit): a rose with a face of a girl inside, which was made by my friend at his place, but for me it was a real ritual of the beginning of something new and interesting.

TY – What is your favorite tattoo, and who was the tattoo artist?

SU – My favorite tattoo is a fox on my left leg made by Sergey Serebrov from Saint Petersburg.

TY – You are well known for your unique watercolor style. How did you come to work in this style?

SU – During my first year as a tattoo artist I was actively searching for my style. I wanted to create something personal and unique. Today I can say that I managed to do it. I can often hear people say that they have never seen anything similar before, and that feels good. For making sketches I chose watercolor. It’s very convenient as you can achieve various effects with minimum tools. I like to work with it.

TY – What is your biggest inspiration?

SU – That is definitely nature and animals, they are an endless source of inspiration. What also inspires me is creative order, when paints and pallet are clean and there is nothing extra on the table. Good light and good mood and nothing more is needed!

TY – Do you have a favorite tattoo theme?

SU – Unicorns, space, and flowers. I like kind topics that bring happiness.

TY – Who are your favorite artists or tattoo artists?

SU – I can’t single out anyone in particular as I like a numerous Russian and international tattoo artists.

TY – Do you listen to music when you tattoo?

SU – I listen to music, but basically I use it as a background. It’s usually some kind of calm or rhythmic music, not too harsh or aggressive.

TY – Do you have any advice for young artists who want to be tattoo artists?

NC – Stay patient and diligent, try to create something of your own instead of copying works of other artists.

TY – Tattoos are permanent. How do you feel about your art being used as temporary tattoos?

SU – Yes, I really like the idea as a temporary tattoo can be made by anyone. That’s a real catch for those who are afraid or just don’t want to get a real one. You can decorate yourself for the beach, photo, or a party, experimenting with different artworks. That’s fun!

Thank you Sasha!

See Sasha’s temporary tattoos on her TattooYou page.

You can follow her on Instagram.

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