An Interview with Myra Oh

Working out of Diadem Tattoo in Orange Park, Florida, Myra Oh excels at creating bold beauty out of masterfully-crafted lines. We are proud to share our interview with you:

TattooYou – How did you get into tattooing?

Myra Oh – I became interested in tattoos at a young age and as time passed I knew it was the only thing I wanted to pursue as a career, so, one day I walked into a local shop and asked if they would hire me as an apprentice, they quickly brushed me off and turned me away. A day later I called and asked them to reconsider, they brushed me off again. The next day I went into the shop, this time I brought a portfolio of some drawings I had done at home. Seeing that I was determined, or maybe just to make me go away, the owner gave me a stack of line drawings and said “trace all of these 5 times and bring them back when you’re done.” I brought them back the next day and each time I was handed another set of drawings to trace, which I did, until he finally hired me.

TY – What was your first tattoo, and who was the tattooer?

MO – My first tattoo was pretty big, it was a few lilies on my back by Eddy Reyes at Secret Sidewalk Tattoo in the SF Bay Area.

TY – Your bold, woodcut style is perfect for tattooing. How did you come to work in this style?

MO – I’ve always loved printmaking and did a lot of relief printing in college. I loved the look of lino-cuts and wood-cuts on paper, then a few years ago I did tattoo in that style and was very excited to realize I could produce the same type of designs on skin.

TY – You do a lot of amazing botanical-themed work. Is that your favorite theme to work in?

MO – Yeah, I love gardening and have a lot of plants at home, so  I have a lot of fun drawing flowers for tattoos.


TY – What do you think it means to people that have flowers or plants tattooed?

MO – I guess they mean different things to different people, but I don’t usually ask.

TY – Some of my personal favorite Myra Oh pieces have an amazing botanical/skull combo. Do you have any thoughts around why people are drawn to that theme?

MO – I think the concept of flowers or plants growing from something dead is interesting to people, and it looks pretty cool.

TY – Some of your work has a Traditional skew. What draws you to the classic Traditional style?

MO – Traditional tattoos have always been the most appealing to me. The timeless designs and bold lines always caught my eye, even before I started tattooing.

TY – Tattoos are permanent. How do you feel about your art being used as temporary tattoos?

MO – I think its a fun idea and I’m glad I was asked to be a part of it.

TY – Myra, we are honored you are a part of this!

You can buy Myra’s temporary tattoos on her TattooYou page.

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