An Interview with Katie Shocrylas

Katie Shocrylas is best known for her wild color palette and crazy line work skills. We had the pleasure of asking her a few questions!

TattooYou – How did you get into tattooing?

Katie Shocrylas – Tattooing was not on my radar until I was about 19 years old. After I finished art school, I spent a year travelling New Zealand, where I got my first tattoo and immediately became fascinated with the entire process. Although I didn’t have any experience with the reality of being a tattooer, it seemed like a perfect career fit for me, and upon returning to Canada, I started working towards finding an apprenticeship.

TY – What was your first tattoo, and who was the tattooer?

KS – I got a little spiral on my left wrist – I was incredibly nervous and unfortunately can’t remember the tattooer who did it for me.

TY – What is your favorite tattoo, and who was the tattooer?

KS – I have a few favourites… It would have to be a tie between my 80s punk squirrel done by Silje Hagland, and a large horse portrait piece by Greggletron – both artists work out of Scapegoat Tattoo in Portland, OR.

TY – You are known for your brightly-colored, finely-lined tattoos. How did you come to work in this style?

KS – To be honest, I sort of just followed what came naturally to me when drawing and tattooing – I look to a lot of pop art and am drawn to bold, but also finely-detailed, and brightly coloured art of all different mediums. I’ve always had a very active imagination and love creating pieces that aren’t necessarily “realistic.”

TY – Do you have a favorite tattoo theme?

KS – I love branching out and being approached with new tattoo ideas, but will always love tattooing anything animal-related.

TY – Who are your favorite artists, tattoo and otherwise?

KS – I admire so many tattooers and artists! To name a few: Steve Moore, Onnie O’Leary, Sam Clark, Dan Smith, Kate Mackay Gill, Cody Eich, Teresa Sharpe, Emily Rose Murray, Greggletron, Annie Frenzel, Danielle Rose, Kat Abdy… Also, artists working in other media including Andy Dixon, Camilla D’Errico, Casey Baugh, Tina Lugo… I’m constantly looking at art so I’m sure I’ve missed quite a few names.

TY – Do you have a preferred soundtrack when you tattoo?

KS – Well… I definitely like a variety, but anything from the 80s is my consistent favourite.

TY – You’ve tattooed in a few different cities. Do you find each city gravitates towards certain tattoo styles?

KS – I have noticed slight differences in tattoo styles based on geographical location but for the most part, it seems like there are more elements that are universal.

TY – Do you have any advice for young artists aspiring to be tattooers?

KS – Keep drawing, and believe in yourself.

TY – Tattoos are permanent. How do you feel about your art being used as temporary tattoos?

KS – I think it’s great! Tattoos aren’t for everyone so it’s a lot of fun to know that people can enjoy and appreciate my work via another less permanent means.

TY – Thanks Katie!

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