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An Interview with Sasha Masiuk

Working out of Saint Petersburg, Russia, Sasha Masiuk is a master of grayscale tattoo. She was kind enough to let us ask her some questions:

TattooYou – How did you become a tattoo artist?

Sasha Masiuk – As I recall, I’ve drawn all my life. I graduated from the Academy of Art and Design. I always liked tattoos very much, but only three years ago I decided to do it seriously. I bought all the equipment and began to learn by myself. I had no teacher at all. First, I inked at home but now I have my own Studio in Saint Petersburg @sashatattooingstudio and I have a great team of tattoo masters (some of them are my pupils and work in a similar style). We are also planning to open one more studio in Moscow and I hope it’s not the last one! Read more

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