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The Art of the Internet

When it comes to trade between artists – whether independent musicians, filmmakers, craftspeople or otherwise – and their customers, there’s no denying that the Internet has played a massive role in giving their art a new audience and increasing its sales. Furthermore, the global reach of the Internet gives artists a chance to make a name for themselves outside of their domestic market. With the number of people with Internet access expected to reach five billion by 2020, that potential can only go upwards. Read more

“Tats… Fading…. Need replenishment”

Our temporary tattoos have been getting a ton of positive feedback lately. Here are some nice quotes:

“can I get some of these for the kids????” – a fan on Instagram

“Your temporary tattoos are really nice looking!  There is nothing like them on this entire planet I think.” – a happy customer in New Zealand

“Tats… Fading…. Need replenishment” – a txt from my brother

“I want to get this on my face to play a prank on mom” – a fan on Instagram

“Just writing to let you guys know that I really love your temporary tattoos. I already made 3 purchases and will continue to do so.” – a fan in New Jersey

Thanks to everyone for the positive vibes!

– Carl

New Artist Packs

We’re very excited to announce “Artist Packs”. Basically, if one of our artists has 3 or more temporary tattoo designs in our shop, we will create an Artist Pack out of it. Fans will be able to buy all their favorite artist’s designs in one discounted pack.  Read more

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