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New Temporary Tattoo Teaser

Here’s a little teaser for an upcoming temporary tattoo release. Pablo Puentes’ Sailfish is a unique take on linear tattoo style. Check back in a week for the full reveal.

Why would I buy temporary tattoos?

Temporary tattoos are not a new thing. You used to be able to get them in boxes of Cracker Jacks and sugary cereals (am I dating myself?). These days you can get them anywhere from convenience stores to discount bargain outlets. The quality is usually awful and they look like stickers, not real tattoos. However some sites offer great, lasting quality that looks like the real deal.

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It’s all in the follow through

Starting something new is definitely the most fun when you first get the idea and begin to ponder the possibilities. I’m not saying that it isn’t important, but the idea stage really is the easy part.

The toughest part is the follow through. That’s where all the hard work is. You have to invest time and effort, and you also have to learn new things. It’s about leaving your comfort zone and encountering speed bumps that you’ve never been over before.
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Watching people on Google Analytics is a world of fun

I like the big orange dots that show where the visitors are logging in. When I roll over a dot, it tells me the name of the place. Sometimes I wish I could be there. Those are the warm, exotic places mostly. Many of the places I’ve never heard of and that just makes me want to use Google to find out more.

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Using Temporary Tattoos to Find the Right Body Placement

So you’ve decided to get a tattoo. You’ve found the best design you can possibly imagine. It’s perfect for your personality and you can see yourself living with it for eternity. BUT, you’re still not sure where you want it to live on your body. Do you want it visible at all times or do you want the option of covering it up? Do you want it small and discreet or big and bold? A long lasting temporary tattoo may be able to help you solve these dilemmas.

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