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The 12 Tattoo Project

Knights of the Round Table, Christ’s apostles, the number of gods on Mount Olympus, and the members of a jury; each of these add up to 12. It’s both midnight and high noon and it’s how we buy eggs.
Neither too few, nor too many, we decided that 12 would be a good number to start our site with. Our goal is to launch with temporary tattoo designs that are distinctly different from each other.

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Remember the Tramp Stamp?

Making good choices is always important but especially so when getting permanent tattoos. Most other mishaps have consequences that are relatively short-lived. The decision to get a real tattoo however, is one that you will have to live with for a lifetime.

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Launching a Temporary Tattoo Site started with a conversation between two friends over a few pints of beer. We thought that reinventing the temporary tattoo would make a really interesting and rewarding project. And creating a collaborative, open source community online seemed the way to go. Like most ideas born in a tavern, it sounded like it would be easy to pull off.

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Sailors, Whores, and Temporary Tattoo Designs

The origin of the word tattoo may be Samoan but the practice of embedding ink into the dermis layer of the skin has existed in many cultures for thousands of years. They may have been marks of status and position or symbols of spiritual devotion. Tattoos might also have been decorations for bravery and fertility. The symbolism and impact of tattoos varies in different places and cultures. The art of the tattoo continues to evolve everyday. Read more

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