An Interview with Katie Shocrylas

Katie Shocrylas is best known for her wild color palette and crazy line work skills. We had the pleasure of asking her a few questions! TattooYou - How did you get into tattooing? Katie Shocrylas - Tattooing was not on my radar until I was about 19 years old. After I finished art school, I spent a year travelling New Zealand, where I got my first tattoo and immediately became fascinated with the entire process. Although I didn’t have any experience with the reality of being a tattooer, it seemed like a perfect career fit for me, and upon returning to Canada, I started working towards finding an apprenticeship. Read more

An Interview with Sasha Masiuk

Working out of Saint Petersburg, Russia, Sasha Masiuk is a master of grayscale tattoo. She was kind enough to let us ask her some questions:

TattooYou - How did you become a tattoo artist? Sasha Masiuk – As I recall, I've drawn all my life. I graduated from the Academy of Art and Design. I always liked tattoos very much, but only three years ago I decided to do it seriously. I bought all the equipment and began to learn by myself. I had no teacher at all. First, I inked at home but now I have my own Studio in Saint Petersburg @sashatattooingstudio and I have a great team of tattoo masters (some of them are my pupils and work in a similar style). We are also planning to open one more studio in Moscow and I hope it's not the last one! Read more

An Interview with Sasha Unisex

Sasha Unisex is a brilliant artist from Moscow, Russia. She's very well known around the world for her unique watercolor style. We had the opportunity to ask her a few questions:

Tattoo You - How did you become a tattoo artist? Sasha Unisex - A thought to become a tattoo artist appeared after I graduated from Art College, I wanted to try myself in something new and I got involved in making pictures on people’s bodies. I actively started to concern myself with this theme, get acquainted with tattoo artists, attend different thematic events. Then I bought the necessary equipment and step by step started to learn, beginning with the simplest pictures. There were lots of volunteers for my experiments. Read more

New Wholesale Packaging!

We've finally got retail packaging for our wholesale customers! Looks so good. Can't wait to see them in stores! We're starting with medium size, but we will definitely be adding small and huge sizes very soon. Also, that awesome harpy in the package is a brand new design by Nomi Chi. It's available now right here.

An Interview with Nomi Chi

Nomi Chi is a prolific tattooer and illustrator out of Vancouver, Canada. She currently tattoos out of Gastown Tattoo Parlour. We had the excellent opportunity to ask her some questions:

Tattoo You - What was the first tattoo you received? Nomi Chi - When I was 14, I got a treble clef on my ankle. My tattooer was a scruffy biker fellow who went by the name "Spider". My mother paid for it, voluntarily at that. Since then it's been covered up three times. Read more

An Interview with Tim Beck

Our friend Tim Beck is a great tattooer who owns Freedom Ink Tattoo in Peoria, Illinois. He's best known for his amazing take on the Traditional style, but he can work very well in ANY style. We're honored to have him answer some questions for us. Read more

Valentine’s Day is Coming

We love Valentine's Day. We love you too, so we're offering a sweet 25% off for orders over $15. All you have to do is use this coupon code when you're checking out: valentine2015 This offer ends February 1st.

Fave Fave Fave

It's now even easier to remember your favorite temporary tattoos in our shop. Just sign in and click any white heart. It will turn red and then be added to Your Faves page. Easy!
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