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About Tattoo You : Famous tattoo artists designing amazing temporary tattoos. reinvents the temporary tattoo with the best imagery and styles from the world of permanent tattoo.

How it all started.

In the corner of a dimly lit tavern, Tattoo You was founded on a simple idea that came out of a conversation between two friends. Craig Bedard and Alan MacIntyre were both working in design and communications. As it often had, their conversation turned to new and interesting project ideas.

Alan had a strong interest in current art movements outside of the conventional gallery scene. Craig was really into the possibilities of creating online communities. The idea seemed to gain traction when they got together with a friend and web designer, Carl Lukasewich.

They wanted to offer unconventional artists, many of whom have small but loyal followings, the opportunity to bring their work to a much larger audience. They saw temporary tattoos as a way of making their work accessible. Tattoo You is about bringing a high calibre of tattoo art to those who would like to enjoy and experiment with body art without consequences.

The journey for has barely begun. Like temporary tattoos themselves, it’s about being able to experiment and change your mind a lot. Let’s have fun.

– Alan, Craig, Carl

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